A coach usually facilitates the journey of self-discovery and empowerment by asking questions that draw out your own latent potential and understanding. A coaching paradigm presupposes that you - the client - is not a blank slate waiting passively for expert input, but an active and intentional partner in your own learning journey.

A consultant brings expertise knowledge in certain areas and imparts that knowledge to help you gain greater understanding of yourself and the journey you are on. A consultant-coach teaches, advises and facilitates to bring you clarity and understanding.


At Parrhesia, Ann uses her expertise in psychological instruments such as the MBTI (The Myers-Briggs Typology Indicator),  MCODE (The Motivation Code), her knowledge of pedagogy and more than 12 years of experience in accompanying people on the spiritual journey to help you gain greater understanding about how you can grow personally and spiritually.


Discovering Who We Are

A crucial part of the journey to living a more authentic life is self-knowledge.  We need to learn about our gifts and our limitations and how we can grow into the best versions of ourselves. 


Many of us labour under the notion that certain personality traits are inherently more desirable than others and we attempt to change who we are in the name of growth. Doing so is not only painful, it is also wounding to ourselves and others.

What empowers us is learning about our innate strengths and weaknesses and knowing how to leverage them in our personal growth, work, and relationships. There is no one-size fits all. 


Developing an understanding of how we can accompany ourselves on a life-long journey of learning and growth to become our best selves is well worth the time, effort, and cost it takes. If you are interested in this journey, we recommend booking a diagnostic consultation session to begin.

Integrative Life Consultation

Are you feeling stuck in your spiritual and/or life journey? It does not matter if you are at the beginning of your faith journey or if you have been actively nurturing your spiritual life for years - we all enter seasons in which what had worked in the past no longer help us to grow. 

Integrative consultation helps you take a big picture overview of your life and/or spiritual journey thus far and helps you to identify what may be the high leverage points in this season of your life for growth and leaves you with a clearer sense of what a good 'next step' for you could be.

Integrative consultation is not meant to take the place of spiritual direction, counseling/therapy or life coaching, but it can help you learn how to integrate the insights you learn from these other methods. It can also help you recognise if you could benefit from one or more of these valuable resources  to get "unstuck" in your journey


Parrhesia's unique contribution to the field of spiritual and human growth is this integrative and holistic lens to each person which can also greatly assist the ongoing discernment of your personal vocation/mission  in life. ILC rates start from SGD$100/hr.


Know Your Motivation Code



The whole world is poorer when we define giftedness and achievement too narrowly. The truth is that when we tap into our innate motivational drives, we are energised and perform at a much higher level than we could otherwise.  Understanding our motivation can also help us identify why we might be feeling "stuck" in our careers, life-direction or spiritual journey.

Learn about the Motivation Code (MCODE)™, a unique assessment that combines the power of personal story and over 50 years of scientific research to help you learn your personal motivation theme. Visit to read about the instrument.

MCODE personal coaching packages start from SGD $280 for assessment + 1 introductory impact coaching session.  

Know Your Personality Type


Develop greater understanding and compassion for yourself and others through learning about the Myers-Briggs Typology Indicator (MBTI) ©.


Discover more about your cognitive preferences, what your blind-spots and stress-triggers are, and how you can turn the very inter-personal differences that drive you insane into assets for personal growth and relationship development. 

Discover how your temperament affects the way you pray and relate to God too. Learn about the temperament God gave you and how you can flourish in it!

MBTI individual coaching packages start from SGD $300.